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     Boarding facility

The school is proud to provide boarding provision separately for boys and girls (Class I onward). The boarding is directly under the supervision of Director and Founder Principal.
The hostel supervisors counsel the children individually and encourage them to maintain general discipline and tidiness within the hostel.

The academic hostel supervisor keeps a regular monitoring for the academic progress of each boarder. Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with the Academic Supervisor to
know their ward’s academic performance. The well experienced wardens separately for boys and girls are readily available within the hostel 24x 7 to attend the immediate needs
of boarders as well as to supervise the domestic arrangements such as laundry, bathing, repairing, hair dressing etc.

We provide vegetarian or non-vegetarian nutritious We maintain hygienic kitchen and serve food with the advice of expert dietician. Maintaining the correct nutritional balance
menu is being changed time to time to ring some changes in taste.

Every day guidance and supervision of studies are provided after the school hours are being provided. These classes are conducted through small groups and the teachers
take the initiative to fulfil the individual needs of each student.

During the weekend there are programmes of entertainment which include video films, talent contests, quiz, Birthday Party, outing etc. Apart from the weekend programmes
the boarders enjoy the facilities of games and sports throughout the week.

Parents can come and meet their children during the visiting hour on Sunday between 10.00am to 1.00pm. Parent may take their child for a local outing on Sunday (Except before
school exam time) only with the prior permission from the Principal.

     Hostel rules & regulations

1. Students are expected to act in such a manner that an atmosphere conducive to effective study prevails in the hostel.
2. Students are required to be aware of all notices that are put up on the Notice Boards.
3. The session normally begins in the first week of April and ends in the third week of March every year.
4. There are three ‘Term Holidays’ during the academic year, i.e. May-June (summer vacation), September/October (Puja Vacation) and March-April (Term end). It is obligatory
for the parents to take their ward home during the Term Holidays.
5. Calendar giving the details of the events of the school for the year will be provided to the parents at the beginning of the session.
6. Boarders must be in their school uniforms while leaving for home for vacations and on the day of return.
7. Boarders must have an Gatepass signed by the Principal or a person designated by the Principal before they leave the campus. The same card must be shown on the boarder’s return
to the hostel.
8. Parents of the boarders can meet their respective wards on prefixed schedule as decided by the school. Parents will not be allowed to meet the boarders on any other time
except in cases of emergency with due permission from the Principal through the hostel warden.
9. During the time of vacation the boarders may leave the campus only with their respective parents. In case the parent cannot come to collect their ward they must write a letter
attaching the photograph of the person they are sending along with the designated person’s signature attested by them.
10. Boarders are supposed to be obedient to the Principal, Boarding-in-Charge, Warden and all boarding staffs. A student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:
• Non payment of dues
• Repeated detention in the same class
• Indiscipline
11. Boarders are not supposed to keep any money to themselves or with any member of the staff.
12. Every item/personal belongings of the child must be clearly marked at the time of reporting at the school.
13. Boarders are not allowed to keep valuables, jewellery, medicine or any other risky items.
14. It is preferable that all boarders have Local Guardians to assist with the care of the students in case of an emergency. However, local guardians are to only interact with the student
on advice of the parents and with the permission of the Principal/Boarding-in-Charge. No member of the staff may be designated as the local guardian unless he/she is directly related to
the student.
15. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited. Parents may contact their ward weekly/in an emergency through office. Mobile phone in possession of student on campus shall be confiscated.
16. Ear phones/iPods/MP3/MP4 players are not to be brought to school.
17. Though every care is taken, the School/Hostel Authority will not be held responsible for any accident or mishap that may occur to the child during the academic session.
18. A month’s notice is required to be given to the Principal in case of withdrawal of child from the School/Hostel failing which Security Deposit will be forfeited.
19. The School/Hostel shall not be held responsible for any loss/theft/destruction of the materials/outfits, articles of the child during the course of their use in the School.
20. The School Authority shall not be held responsible for misplace or loss or destruction of any article, bedding or clothes left by the student during the holiday.
21. Any breakage/damage of the School property shall be recovered from the parents during the academic session.
22. The students will have a student Account of Rs.5,000/- and the money for any necessary article bought by the student or any competition organized will deducted from the
same account.
23. No student is allowed to leave the hostel/school premises without the permission of the school authority.
24. Unauthorized person or guardian will not be allowed to meet the child or give any food items or articles.
25. All the articles given to child during meeting with the parents or guardian will be checked by the respective authority then will be allowed to take in their dorms. Same applied
when the student is coming back from vacation or outing.
26. Students are not allowed to make any association based on religion, caste, creed, region, language etc.
27. Keeping of lethal weapons like stick, rods, chains etc are strictly prohibited.
28. Medicines of the students should be only given to the medical supervisor. No medicine should be kept with the students personally.
29. Accommodation in the hostel cannot be claimed as a right. The school authority reserves all the rights to change the dorm/locker/bed etc of the students.
30. No parent/guardian is allowed to stay in the hostel.
31. A student suffering from infection / contagious disease will not be permitted to stay in the hostel.
32. Students must dine in the dining hall only.
33. The dorms of the students can be inspected by the school authority at any point of time.
34. The boarders are not allowed to go back to the hostel during the school hours.
35. The parents will be provided with the list of items which the student has to bring at the time of hostel entry.
36. No junk food is allowed. Parents can only give biscuits, cake and fruit juice if they want.
37. Outing is only permitted with the parents or the local guardian after taking out pass from principal through hostel warden.